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Visiting the UK

If you are coming to the United Kingdom as a visitor you would need to apply for a UK visa, in most cases you are allowed to stay for up to six months. To be allowed to enter or pass through the United Kingdom you must meet certain requirements for a U.K visa application.

You can come to the United Kingdom as a:


A general visitor is usually a person seeking to enter the UK as a visitor, family visitors and or simply as a tourist. As a general visitor you need to show that, you want to visit the United Kingdom for a maximum of 6 months; that you intend to leave the United Kingdom when your visit ends; and that you have substantial finances in order to pay for your accommodation and general upkeep. In addition, you must also be able to pay for the cost of the return or onward journey to a third country.


UK immigration law states that you cannot run a business that charges the public in the UK if you are a general visitor• In addition you cannot enroll in a course of study. UK immigration law does not allow a general visitor to marry or form a civil partnership anyone in the UK. Furthermore, UK immigration law prevents general visitors to receive private medical treatment during their stay in the UK.


As a student visitor you would have to show that you only intend to visit the UK for a period of no more than 6 months. You would have to show that you intend to leave the UK after your visit. We as specialised U.K immigration lawyer based in London can assist you to submit application with the entry clearance officer in your home country. Contact us today for more information. If you wish to study for more than 6 months in the U.K then we can assist you in making an application as a Tier 4 General Migrant under the points based system.


Firstly, for this visa you would have to demonstrate that you intend to be in the UK for no longer than six months and plan to leave the UK after the 6 months have passed. You would have to show that you have enough funds available to pay for accommodation in the UK. Furthermore, as a business visitor you are permitted to engage in certain activities. Immigration law in the UK lists business activities an individual can engage in. A few examples are, arranging board meetings, or being a courier for tour groups, or providing services for a computer software company by coming to install, debug or enhance their products.


AS a medical visitor you would have to meet the requirements of a general visitor. You would have to show that you are suffering from a medical condition and that you need treatment in the UK. You would have to specify roughly how long you would have to stay in the UK and that you can afford treatment in the UK.


These visitors could be examiners, lecturers, overseas designated pilot examiners, qualified lawyers, professional artists, entertainers and sportspersons.


These days UK visa laws and rules are not as straightforward as it used to be to apply for entry clearance to the U.K. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with a U.K visa application.


Please contact us today for further advice and assistance 020 3586 4050, 0758293 2830 or email info@aschfordslaw.com

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