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Wills and Probate


If you were to die without making a will a number of the following adverse consequences could arise:

  • If you were unmarried in a relationship or in a civil partnership your partner would not inherit your property.

  • You would have no influence over the future care of your young children which would be determined by the State.

  • A higher amount of Inheritance Tax may become payable.

  • Your true wishes for providing for favoured family, friends or charities would be unfulfilled and under the strict intestacy rules an unfavoured relative could automatically inherit your property.

    Even with an existing will the following should be borne in mind:

  • If there have been significant changes in your circumstances your existing will should be updated – in particular if you were to divorce or to be legally separated you would need to consider replacing your spouse or ex-spouse in a new will.

  • If since your previous will you have had children who are now under 18 you should ensure that a guardian or guardians are appointed in case you and your partner were to die at the same time.

  • On marriage or remarriage any existing will is usually rendered invalid.

    If in light of the above you need to make a new will or to update an existing one please call us when we will arrange for your requirements to be discussed at our office or at your home at a date and time of your convenience following which the will(s) will be drafted and then after approval signed and witnessed.


    What would happen if you were to lose mental capacity as a result of an illness such as a stroke or dementia or an accident so that you became unable to manage your financial affairs?

    Although you might think that your next of kin could take over management of your affairs if you should suffer such incapacity this is a popular misconception as without proper steps in place to appoint someone to act on your behalf your nearest and dearest would have to seek the approval of the Courts to do so. This would inevitably involve considerable expense and inconvenience.

    To avoid this scenario you could prudently sign a Lasting Power of Attorney in which an attorney or attorneys were appointed to take over management of your financial affairs before you suffered such incapacity, with the Lasting Power of Attorney being registered at the Office of the Public Guardian.

    You will be guided through the whole complicated process, ensuring that your wishes as to management of your finances are properly taken into account, with all the forms being completed and subsequently registered.

    Please contact us today for further advice and assistance 020 3586 4050, 0758293 2830 or email info@aschfordslaw.com

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